Lionridge Saint Bernards

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Please take a moment to fill out this questionnaire if you are interested in buying on of our puppies, this lets us know a bit about where our our little ones will be.

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Lionridge Saint Bernards
Date: ________________________
Name: ___________________________________________________________
Phone:______________________________ email ________________________________
Number of children in household & ages: ____________________________
Please answer the following questions:
 Name, Address & phone number of your veterinarian.

 What reference materials have you read/what research on this breed have you done?


 How many Saints dogs are you acquainted with?
 How many dogs have you had? _______________________________

 Have you ever done any training of dogs & if yes, what? ______________
 Are you (& the other family members) willing to take the dog to obedience lessons. ________________________________________________________________

 How did you lose your last dog? Explain briefly. ____________________
 Have you ever taken a pet to a pound/shelter? If yes, what were the circumstances?________________________________________________________
 Have you ever given a pet away? If yes, what were the circumstances. ______________________________________________________________________
 If you are going to be gone from your Saint during the day, where will the dog be?? Describe their living space & send picture. _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________
 How many hours a day will the pup be left alone? ______________________
 Will there be someone available to feed/exercise the pup during the day?___________________________________________________________________
 Where will the pup be at night? _______________________________________
 Do you have a fenced yard? ____________________________________________
 Describe your environment? Do you live in a city? In the country? Where would the dog live? _________________________________________________________________

 Briefly describe your lifestyle/activities (outdoors person....?) _______________________________________________________________________


 How do you see the pup fitting into your lifestyle?____________________

When are you wanting a Puppy?_____________________________________________

 Who in the household will have major control/care of the dog? _________________________________________________________________________
 Are there other pets in the household?_______ What are they?_________________
What do you feed your other dogs?____________________________________________  Describe any activities you would like to learn with your dog or be involved in? ________________________________________________________________
 Describe the house the dog will be living in? [eg. Bungalow. Bi level, 2 story…, are there stairs the pup will have to negotiate??] ______________________________________________________________________
 Will you travel to pick up the dog? ______________________________________

 Do you want to use your dog for breeding? ______________________________
 Do you want a male or a female? ____________
 Please add any thing further that will help me as far as making a decision as to why a puppy should be place in your home. _____________________________________________________________________________

 Why a Saint? What made you consider or decide that Saint dogs were for you? _________________________________________________________________



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